Philipp Eden

Philipp Eden is a musician, improviser, curator based in Basel, Switzerland. His work, whether music-related or curatorial, is motivated by the intent to create synergetic exchanges between individuals and communities.

A central aspect in his artistic practice is improvisation; as an attitude towards life at large and music in particular — cultivating mindfulness, spontaneity, and openness and paving the way for connection. When working with sound, his main tools of expression are: (prepared) piano, analogue synthesizers, recording devices, everyday objects, and drums. His work is shaped by the ability to tune into people, the sensing of a given space and the practice of listening. This practice extends to his fascination with raw sound phenomena as found in the natural and urban environments. Although his music draws inspiration from a variety of sources, it's the outer fringes, where genre delineations dissolve completely, that interest him most.

Over the years, he collaborated with artists such as: Andria Nicodemou, Bernd Konrad, Christian Weber, Dave Gisler, David Meier, Dominique Girod, Florian Egli, Evelinn Trouble, Jonas Ruther, Klara Germanier, Lotus-Eddé Khouri, Marina Tantanozi, Miao Zhao, Paul Amereller, Raphael Walser, Silvan Schmid, Stefan Schönegg, Tapiwa Svosve, Tobias Meier, Tizia Zimmermann, Tobias Pfister, Vincent Glanzmann, Vojko Huter, Xaver Rüegg.

Philipp is a founding member of the Zürich-based collective Gamut. Under their umbrella, he co-curates the concert series STUENZI at the Rote Fabrik and works at the collective’s label edition gamut.


Solo: Xaver Rüegg
Diver: Angelika Annen
About: Jonas Ruther